Spain update 20 May 2024

2 June 2024

Monday the 20th of May 2024

While the co-workers were busy on Sunday the 19th of May in Belgium at the Kempen walk for which they set up the hall on Saturday, prepared the kitchen and the bar and then decorated everything, Marie-Carmen “delighted” us again with yet another “Sunday gift” which this time consisted of 2 neglected Italian greyhounds of respectively 9 and 10 years old. Milked-out breeding machines that had been banished to an abandoned “finca” (farm) due to the divorce of their owners. In any case, after Marie-Carmen had picked them up via an intermediary with their respective international pedigrees, she arrived with them at Casa Belgica a little later. When Dirk called me, and I grumbled as I walked upstairs, I already had a bad feeling, but this time Marie-Carmen's "gift" was even worse than I expected. When we unloaded them from the car and got the Italians out of their tiny dirty boxes, they turned out to be covered in fleas and the beige female had two "packages" full of tumors hanging from her belly. The blue female of 10 was unhealthily fat and almost hairless. It was heartbreaking to see and with stinging eyes and suppressed tears I angrily sent an email to Dr. De Frutos with an explanation and the question whether we could bring the one with the tumors the next day together with Innocent and Irène who had to be sterilized. Yes, you can, he let me know a little later. Together with the phone call and video call from the co-workers who were able to tell us that everything had gone very well during the walk and that even though the walkers had been treated to a downpour and returned soaking wet with the dogs and adopter Angèle Verdaet got stuck in a ditch that had hidden in a large puddle, everyone went home very satisfied in any case, together with the fact that the little Italian could go to Dr. De Frutos tomorrow, that was the best news of the day. So, this morning at 7:45h we left for Talavera with Innocent, Irène, the little Italian that I called Isabella and of course Loulou Babalou as a “mental coach”.

It is not yet 9:00h when we arrive together with Dr. De Frutos, and he lets Dirk walk up and down the sidewalk with Innocent. The doctor is satisfied but thinks that Innocent spares his leg too much and fears a small infection, and so he prescribes the necessary medication. While Dirk puts Innocent back in his box in the van and exchanges him for Isabella, Irène leaves for the operating room, wailing loudly. In the meantime, I sign the documents for permission for the operation and the payment of the additional costs. When Dirk returns with the Italian, Dr. De Frutos subjects her to a thorough examination and is astonished at the condition of the poor animal. Just like us he decides disapprovingly "bred out" and dumped. She weighs barely 4 kg and after examination the doctor fears that there are more tumors, they are not yet visible, but he can feel them. So, tests must be done to find out whether they are malignant, and X-rays must be made of her lungs etc. If the tumor allows it and he has the time he will operate on them and sterilize them at the same time, and thus I sign the document again and give permission for the operation and all additional costs. This afternoon Dr. De Frutos will let me know. Let us hope that we can compensate little Isabella for the life she was forced to live. Next time it will be her “blue” friend’s turn, whom I have called Isadora. In the early evening, we receive a message from Dr. De Frutos that Dirk can pick up Irène and Isabella at 20:00h. When he has left for a few minutes, a thunderstorm breaks out and it rains cats and dogs, much to the delight of the Borzois who cannot be taken inside. A bad omen, I wonder… Not so, because when Dirk calls from Dr. De Frutos an hour later, Irène has been sterilized and  the little Italian was successfully operated and sterilized and the invoices of 850 euros for Isabella and 290 euros for Irène have already been paid. Isabella tumors have been removed on one side and she has been sterilized. An hour later, he comes home with the ladies, with great interest from our curious dogs, and Isabella is installed in Buffalo’s/vet’s bedroom in a large bench full of warm cloths. In a few days she must go for a check-up and her friend Isadora will go along …

Tuesday the 28th of May 2024

After 4 days Isabella had already recovered wonderfully well from her heavy operation and was trotting around behind me as best she could. Despite the large wound from which a lot of wound fluid was still seeping and is still seeping, she jumps on my lap as soon as I sit down or to our fear, she jumps off again when Dirk approaches with her bowl of food. She is very affectionate and is one of those who gets under your skin... Both get under Dirk’s and under my skin... We now have three of them. We no longer must worry about Innocent who will be able to recover with Dirk Buffalo and Martine, and fortunately also not about Irene who has been adopted and will be living with a Borzoi and a Border Collie.

As for Isabella and her companion Isadora, we do not have to worry about them either because they are both allowed to stay with Yolanda! Anyway, despite Isabella's new life, the removal of the masses of tumors she carried around on her belly and the leaving behind of her past as a puppy machine, she still dreams quietly complaining about the past at night, I think... Anyway because of some Saint whose celebration day it is there were 2 celebration days in Madrid and the week after there were 2 saints in Castilla La Mancha so our appointment with Dr. De Frutos must take place between the 4 Saints because during the one of La Mancha he took a few days holidays. So today we left for Talavera at 7:30h with Isabella on board for a check-up, her companion Isadora for a full examination and tests, Innocent and the tireless Irène who for the occasion has an insect bite on her nose from some wasp or bee that she has made angry again, also must go for a check-up. As always Loulou Babalou is also on board for moral support….

It is not yet 9:00h when we arrive at the clinic and Dr. De Frutos arrives a few minutes later, to our relief. Just like last time, Innocent must parade up and down the street again, after which he gets the green light from a very satisfied Dr. De Frutos. In the meantime, Isabella's wound is thoroughly cleaned, Isadora goes along to be examined and tested, the status of Irene's sterilization wound is checked and disinfected and she is given medication for the lump on her nose. After that everyone is allowed back on board, but we must wait another half hour for Isadora's results, which fortunately are all fine. No tropical or other diseases, only the consequences of neglect, which we have already solved mostly by giving her the rest and good food she needed. In short, they can all go to Belgium on the 6th of June.