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Would you like to support our organization?

By becoming a member of “Greyhounds in Nood Belgium”, Financial support, Material donations, a monthly direct debit.

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Membership of “Greyhounds in Nood Belgium”

There are various possibilities:

° Regular member: 30.00 € - ( abroad ) 65 € ( incl postage costs )

° Supporting member: 65.00 € - ( abroad ) 100 € ( incl postage costs )

° Honorary member: 125.00 € - ( abroad ) 150 € ( incl postage costs )

After having transferred the chosen membership fee on account number BE71 2930 2190 4069 - GEBABEBB of “Greyhounds in Nood Belgium"

You will receive a membership card and a quarterly magazine.

Financial support

Through one or more donations to the benefit of “Greyhounds in Nood Belgium” on account BE71 2930 2190 4069 - GEBABEBB.

Material gifts

We have also a tremendous short-age of pharmaceutical material (compresses, de- worming medication, disinfectant for infected wounds, and so on). 

The clinic in Spain, the extended, not legally required, blood tests, the sterilizations/castrations, surgery, and adequate transportation, to our standards, necessary to offer the galgos for adoption after a comfortable journey in good health. Of course, this means gigantic costs.

To help cover these costs we ask you to support us even more via the annual membership or a monthly gift because every year thousands of greyhounds are still massacred, abused, and mutilated and our help is urgently needed.  Our fight against this injustice continues unabated and your help is necessary.

A monthly direct debit only benefits you:

You never have to think about donating yourself again. Useful!

You spread your support over several (smaller) payments.

You keep all control: you choose the amount of your donation, change it, and stop it whenever you wish.

With your loyal support, we can continue to work together for the Spanish greyhounds.

The amount of your gift.

Instruct your bank to transfer an amount of your choice monthly or as a standing order via PC banking on account BE71 293021904069 of vzw Greyhounds in Nood Belgium, Baron de Gieylaan 1 bus 3, 9840 De Pinte.

Mireille Broeders, president, and founder of GINB.