The organization “VZW Greyhounds in Nood Belgium” was the first organization in Belgium and the European continent that worried about the suffering of the Spanish greyhounds.

GINB started more than 27 years ago and in that period more than 9.500 Spanish greyhounds have been saved from a horrible death. The clinic in Spain, the extended, not legally required blood tests, the sterilizations/castrations, surgery, and adequate transportation to our standards, are essential to offer the galgos for adoption after a comfortable journey in good health. 

Of course, this means gigantic costs. To help cover these costs we ask you to support us even more via the annual membership or a monthly gift because every year thousands of greyhounds are still massacred, abused, and mutilated and our help is indispensable.  Our fight against this injustice continues unabated and your help is essential.

Hence this warm appeal to everybody with the heart on the right place

BE71 2930 2190 4069 - GEBABEBB

of “Greyhounds in Nood Belgium"

Address: Baron de Gieylaant 1 bus 3, 9840 De Pinte

Every gift, big or small, is most welcome.