Greyhounds in Nood Belgium

Adoption of Spanish galgos in need

Since 1996 GINB has started an adoption programme for these unlucky Spanish greyhounds or "galgo español" that are the victims of cruel traditions.

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All greyhounds that are offered for adoption in the photographs below have spent the necessary time in quarantine; their blood is tested, they are vaccinated, castrated or sterilized and have (usually) had their teeth cleaned. They have the chip, their European passport and all necessary documents; as validated below and witnessed by a valid and licensed veterinarian. The dogs are, unless mentioned otherwise, kind, affectionate, gentle and calm animals that can (usually) live together in easy harmony with other dogs and pets.

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The most beautiful accessories for galgos and their owners for the benefit of the non-profit organization Greyhounds in Nood Belgium


Donuts for Galgos

The "real" donuts for greyhounds


Las Nieves shelter - May 2024

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