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Godmother & Godfather


GINB has the honor and pleasure to present the new godmother and godfather of the organization.

Geena Lisa

Many years ago after I had worked together with GINB for the calendar I came in contact again with Mireille and her fantastic team.  My friend and I had already a few four-legged in the house but we had not yet adopted a dog.  To surf once to the GINB website was enough to be completely convinced.  The story of the dogs who unfortunately are still the victims of cruel traditions broke my heart.  It felt good to give a dog a chance for a beautiful life and to be surrounded by people that would spoil him with a lot of love.  James has been with us for a year now. A year in which he flourished completely. A year in which he stole my heart.  In the meantime we also adopted puppy Olivia and she also started a real conquest. Gradually I got to know Mireille and her team better and my respect and admiration is great! I am happy and pleased that I become the godmother of this organization.

Geena Lisa


The suffering and the cruel life of a lot of Spanish greyhounds touches everyone including me. Why downgrade dogs to racing machines? Why dump these suffering animals after services rendered?  The worse the dogs perform, the crueler they are tortured and killed.  It is incomprehensible.  Fortunately, there are people with a heart for these animals, who try to stop these practices.  I admire the commitment and hard work of Greyhounds in Nood!  More than 6500 galgos and greyhounds have been saved from hell and they found a warm home in Belgium.  Unfortunately there still remain many fellow sufferers that need to be saved.  All help and support is badly needed. With great pleasure and out of love for these dogs I give my full support.

As the GINB godfather I will fight for a dignified life for all galgos and greyhounds.


Epilogue by Carry Goossens

In life there is a time for everything…

By coincidence I met Mireille Broeders in 2002 at the Gaia manifestation in Brussels.  She told me her story, I was impressed and some time later we agreed to meet in the animal shelter in Mechelen, where a new load of greyhounds was arriving. I was so overwhelmed by the whole event and the organization that I – purely by feel – took a galgo home without thinking how things would go afterwards as I already had two dogs, a Labrador and a Jack Russel.  But… it turned out to be a FANTASTIC adventure with our CLOV.  Mireille also asked me then to become the godfather in order to make the organization more known.  I accepted with full conviction and we started to work together.  Mireille was dreaming of a yearly calendar with BV’s (famous people) from the show business and the media and we succeeded successfully during several years.  For 10 years we could count on the “crème de la crème” of Flemish media people to make every time a beautiful calendar.  Now we are 13 years later and I dare say that GREYHOUNDS IN NOOD became a concept in our country.  Times are changing, people and situations also change and it is obvious that the media is giving more attention to the younger generation.  That is why I think that, after all those beautiful years, it is time to pass on the godfather torch so that the organization will stay “UP TO DATE”. There is nothing romantic about this whole story, it is just the normal course of life in our society.

Of course I will follow the further evolution of GINB from the sidelines and with a positive feeling I am passing on the torch to Christoff, who is a brilliant artiest and who will together with Geena represent the organization with verve.