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About Greyhounds in Nood Belgium

The organization “VZW Greyhounds in Nood Belgium” was the first organization in Belgium and the European continent that worried about the suffering of the Spanish greyhounds.

By means of adoptions we are trying since 1996 to get as many as possible dogs out of the Spanish hell and give them a fine future in Belgium.  We are proud to say that GINB has found up till now a loving home for more than 9.000 greyhounds.  Since 2005 we have in Spain, at approximately 30 km from Madrid, our own fully equipped clinic.  In this clinic urgent medical treatments can be given and the dogs are sterilized and castrated by 2 teams of Belgian veterinarians who are voluntarily at the disposal of GINB. Besides Spanish specialists and orthopedists work together with GINB and perform operations in our clinic.  Moreover we work closely together with reliable Spanish organizations who report problems “in the field” and who temporarily rescue dogs until we arrive.

Because the name of our organization has been for years and years a guarantee for a correct way of working, we have gained the necessary respect of the media and a lot of politicians.  Consequently we can, via diplomacy, try to deal with the problems at the basis and receive help from the written press, radio and TV who already broadcasted programs about this problem and they already accompanied GINB several times to Spain.  This gives us the opportunity to put pressure via lobbying, international cooperation, petitions etc. through which we hope, in a short term, to end the violent abuses of which the greyhounds are the victims.  Through the years we have built a network of permanent, reliable and motivated collaborators who make GINB a well-structured and efficient organization.  Furthermore “VZW Greyhounds in Nood Belgium” has her own regulatory transportation to carry dogs in a responsible and comfortable way anywhere, anytime.  For weakened animals a long voyage is extremely exhausting, but in our perfectly accommodated transportation the stress level during the trip is reduced to a minimum.

GINB is a worldwide recognized and respected organization who was the first organization who made the problem of the Spanish greyhounds knowable in Belgium.  Of the horrible Spanish secret the tragedy became a worldwide scandal and the Spanish could not anymore dispose unnoticed of the fate of the greyhounds that were not left alone anymore thanks to GINB.  The problem is far from being solved yet but we will continue to do everything possible to improve the fate of the Spanish greyhounds.

Mireille Broeders and the GINB team.