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Spanje update Aug 2022 - maa15aug

Posted on
06 September 2022



Hot, Hotter, Hottest!!!

Monday the 15th of August 2022

As you will remember I promised to keep you informed in case eventual world shocking events would have happened in the GINB galgo land during your vacation… First, there was the successful “Kronkelwandeling” by Ann and Nancy, the Brabant regional managers.


Second, there was the nerve-wracking but successful search from Spain for new regional mangers for East Flanders and Brabant (see website).


Third, was the fact that puppy Gigi was returned because the adopter thought we had “sold” a sick puppy, what was strongly denied, after having given the veterinarian the task to “turn her inside out” and do blood tests at her return.

Fourth, was the fact that unfortunately an adopter of barely 68 years old died much too young and her dog, at the request of the family, was returned  to GINB already the next day and could reside in Hof Rosa Canina.

Fifth, was the fact that Marie-Carmen informed us last week that there were 3 puppies from a female dog who was dumped heavily pregnant. She had thought that the very young female would be able to postpone the birth until Marianne’s arrival, not so…. And thus, we will soon have 3 toddlers in lodging, 2 brindled sisters and 1 brindled brother, sigh…

Sixth, was the fact that during the whole summer we had and still have unbearable temperatures of far above 40°C and nobody knew or knows how to escape. Day and night it was and is sweltering hot and the air conditioning and ventilators are running at full power, terrible, and resulting in dry noses and running eyes… Nobody could and can go outside, neither us nor the dogs. Everything must be done and still must be done early in the morning. Hell on earth, maybe this is a preview for the gentlemen galgueros and congeners.

Seventh, was the fact that galgueros, despite the leaden heat that the sun was spitting on the earth, started already with the selection of galgos, which means to tie up dogs behind jeeps, increase the speed and those who cannot follow leave behind… Soon we will have again gun shots, as in all autonomous regions hunting season starts and during the so-called “Media Vela” (translated as half candle) they can hunt quail, turtle doves, pigeons and corvids. And they are glad they can kill again…


I might finalize with the fact that Marianne and Kris arrived last Saturday and left already on Monday noon because Kris had requested a day off too early or too late and Marianne could not come a day earlier or stay one day more for her practice.  So very sorry….Anyway after they arrived on Saturday morning with the first flight at 10:30h in Casa Belgica and after a late breakfast (both got up already at 2:30h!) they started with the first 12 females. Dirk had prepared the clinic for them and an hour after their arrival the first patient was lying on the table under the loving eyes of Philippe (since his death his photo is on the wall in the clinic to keep an eye on Marianne…). After the sixth lady Marianne took a break and thereafter, she started again with assistant Kris until 19:00h.  When around 19:30h they came up for the aperitif the first 12 operated ladies, many of them with severe wounds, bad uteruses, dirty painful teeth or are old-aged used as breading machines, were a fact.



They were all dozing and recovering from their life-changing  surgery, the S tattoo that Kris put in their ears like a full-fledged artist was a witness. One thing was for sure they will never be abused anymore because they all had a complete sterilization, and they were freed from their abused wombs. A very old skinny grey black lady with big, scared eyes and big milked-out nipples testifying of recent puppies and lots of them before, had touched Marianne’s heart and she was the first one to go into the direction of Kain, and she would not be the only one… In the next day they worked hard, they got up early and went to bed late. Nevertheless, in 2 days and a half 40 females were made ‘baby proof” and several ones amongst them who had been dumped and wondered around like skeletons had surely escaped a slow death. Fortunately, our clinic is well equipped, one of them even needed oxygen… Poor galgos, luckily for them they arrived in Las Nieves and then they ended up with us…. Despite my creative culinary delights (salad in all its forms) we were all exhausted also Kris and Marianne who just before her departure sterilized another 6 females and she gave a fifth lady a ticket for Kain… As usual Dirk took a picture before their departure. After the goodbye I went downstairs where still 36 females were enjoying their recovery and they must stay at least for 3 days before returning them one by one to the quarantine. The only ones who would be happy that the garden was free again were our 11 dog children. They did not know yet that puppies were coming soon…




Thursday the 18th of August 2022

With the “Muziekboswandeling” (music forest walk) on Sunday ahead it is still hot in Spain and from what we learn Belgium also has tropical temperatures, ideal for the walk I fact. Here the temperature went down a few degrees and every now and then shy rain clouds appeared above Calypo. It was a phenomenon of past times that made us long for a generous rain shower.  To our frustration every time we only had a few drops that were already evaporated before they touched the ground and every time Dirk cleaned up the towels and the dog baskets at the swimming pool in vain. One time he left everything hoping that it would be the trigger for a heavy rain shower, not so… After a few days the temperature increased again to the familiar 40°C. The future weather forecasts did not promise good news and made our hope for rain sink deeper into the ground. Anyway, despite the heat we have at present still 5 patients to take care of who are staying in the garden but mainly under the air conditioner in the veranda. That means we do not have puppies yet; they are still staying with their mom in a residence in the quarantine area… We are hiding together with the dogs inside under the air conditioners.  At this moment Dirk has his share of the preparations for the “Muziekboswandeling” and I have the follow-up of the adoption requests and more (much more) headaches…


Meanwhile the Sunday walk is a fact, and everybody saw that it was good, the venue was beautiful, the food was delicious, the GINB-service was perfect, the atmosphere was good, there were a lot of participants, it was a superb sunny walk, in fact it could not go wrong. Via the photos that were sent to us we could also enjoy the event from Spain. Until we received a mail that much to the irritation of the co-workers and multiple participants a few impudent provocateurs had mingled with the attendees, and they did not miss an opportunity to put GINB in a bad light. They had even eten a meal… Several persons wondered how it was possible that those two still dared to show up and mainly why we did allow them….I would like to emphasize that we were just as surprised. Such situation can only happen because we are in good faith, and we do not expect people to register in their name with 2 nameless friends who are bad for GINB.  Anyway, as of next event it will only be possible to register by name.  If you bring friends or relatives, we are grateful but also those people’s name and surname must be mentioned, if not they will not be registered. Besides it is necessary for the insurance in case something would happen.  So far.  But let me conclude with a positive note and thank all of you once more for the numerous presence…

Hopefully we can also count on our loyal participants next Friday for the “Vierdaagse van de IJzer” (Four-day walk of the IJzer).  Thank you in advance.