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Spain update okt 2021 - Wed29sept

Posted on
09 October 2021



Wednesday 29th of September 2021

My apologies because I needed a couple of days to recover after a 2-day exhausting trip with the van but for those interested you will find below as promised the report of the past 3 weeks.  As mentioned in the previous update Dirk and I left on Sunday the 5th of September to Belgium where the next day I had an appointment with the specialist and the day after as well etc…etc.  Anyway, also on Tuesday I had to return for a long discussion about my bone scan and because Dirk must return to Spain on Friday and would only be back 8 days later with the dogs my rendezvous with the neurosurgeon to discuss the result of the scan was postponed until Monday the 20th of September, 2 days after the adoption day. The adoption day I would attend for the first time in 18 months and where I would meet again the co-workers and the adopters.  On Friday the 10th of September Dirk left again early in the morning to Spain and I stayed behind alone in our apartment in De Pinte where in the village everything was ready for an entire weekend of fair.  Around the corner on the church square stood the “bumper cars”, the usual “doughnut” shop and the children’s fairground, in the front garden of the Viteux castle a “dance event” was going on during the entire weekend and on Monday there was a fair in “our” street, enough noise in fact, sigh… Anyway, thanks to the phone calls and the movies that Dirk sent from Spain and my upstairs neighbor who took the job to see to it that I lacked nothing I survived the lockdown week in “piso “(apartment) De Pinte.  On Tuesday evening the co-driver on duty Buffalo left for Spain and thus the “weekend” started early…


On Thursday morning they left Casa Belgica as usual around 10:00h with the elected ones to Belgium, they kept me informed of their progress and around 2:30h they made a stop at Marianne’s place to unload her 3 old ladies.  An hour later the rest of the travellers was handed over in Hof Rosa Canina to the welcoming team and the two Dirks hurried to De Pinte where Dirk B was installed in our sofa and Dirk in bed. Not for long because at 8:00h “my” Dirk left without breakfast to Hof Rosa Canina. An hour later I could convince Dirk B to eat breakfast before he would take the train to the seaside to return with Martine to Hof Rosa Canina for the adoption day the next day. If they are not supermen I do not know, only the cape is missing.  Might be an idea…  The day after, Saturday the 18th of September 2021, was D day.  For the first time in 15 months, I could again attend the adoption day and I saw again most of the co-workers who just like me were happy to embrace each other finally. When the tent was set up one of the co-workers, I think it was Katrien, asked Dirk and me to have a look.  Obviously, we were not the only ones most of the co-workers were present. Strange I whispered to Dirk and wondered if someone must give a speech.  After a few minutes Peter Van Laet started to sing “Als de dag van toen” (as before). We stood there looking ignorant of what was happening. When they all started to applaud and congratulate us with our wedding anniversary, we were surprised even though our “wedding dance” music was playing we did not realize yet.  Neither of us had thought of it, my “first” adoption day had overshadowed everything.  I was so moved that I could not hold back my tears when everybody was inviting everybody to dance, and we were surrounded by our co-workers to redo our wedding dance after 17 years.  After the fantastic introduction, the wonderful adoption day, the many presents and compliments and the happy dogs and their new owners the co-workers continued to celebrate our wedding anniversary and we were treated with a fantastic cake and Cava. How beautiful life could be….



On Monday the 20th of September the visit to the neurosurgeon was less pleasant.  My bone scan that looked like a crooked pine tree full of black arthrosis balls indicated that my constant pain and difficult mobility was due to the vertebrae that did not yet grow together and that my facet joints were even more affected by arthrosis.  There was no other option than surgery. It will be a major operation of which he could not guarantee that it would solve all my problems.  Anyhow it cannot go on like this and a date for my 8th back operation was set on the 10th of November, and I could return to Spain to our dogs and inform my family and friends what is done hereby as GINB is my family… Before I could return home, I had to go to registration for the necessary paperwork, to give my authorization for the surgery and to make an appointment with the cardiologist. Thereafter I was sent for a blood examination where a nurse peering through her glasses with a pleasant Gent’s accent took my blood.  When she saw my age on the sheet she was surprised and complimented me that I looked 20 years “younger”!!!  Of course, I was flattered, who would not, but 20 years was exaggerated, and I replied jokingly that she needed new glasses. Good ones, not ones with pink glasses…. But who knows, maybe it was a prophecy, and I would feel 20 years younger after the operation instead of looking 20 years younger, that would be a miracle…



Because I do not want to drive during the week we only left on Sunday for Spain.  Not in one go that would not be feasible for me anymore and so we spent the night in Castets and we arrived in Casa Belgica last Monday afternoon with a loud “cheer” of our dogs. On Tuesday we went shopping and on Wednesday I was exhausted.  Anyway, tired, or not, today is Thursday and Marie-Carmen brought 6 puppies who were dumped in the shelter a few weeks ago together with their mother. No time to be tired with 4 ladies and 2 gentlemen who after a few weeks in the quarantine residence and the obligatory rest were enthusiastic when they were let in the garden, with lots of toys and plenty of food. The attention of our dogs was appreciated by the six who after half an hour at the fence were playing hide and seek with “giant puppy” Leopold who as usual was impressed by the toddlers. After all misery their carefree playtime finally started!!! Ours however… SIGH!! Meanwhile we are Monday and today is the 4th of October, World Animal Day, a day that cynically in Spain coincides with the start of the hunting season that each year will make many victims.  Amongst them loads of galgos who hopefully will find the way to Casa Belgica before they will lonely, and half beaten to death die from hunger and thirst somewhere in the fields.  I am already scared. Whether or not I am scared and worried will not change much, we stand for it and must get through it year after year, and the years go by quickly… It is incredible that we are already at “home” since a week, as said time flies, especially when you are short… Anyhow in that short period the 4 sisters and 2 brothers are fully established and we are used to their yelping, their games, their enthusiastic assaults, and wild expressions of love when we dare to go into their “domain”.  Dirk’s legs and toes can witness. When you pick them up, they feel like little slippery writhing eels with crocodile teeth. They demonstrated this extensively on Saturday while taking photos for the adoption page. They are happy, joyful puppies and I can only hope that they will find the right place, this is our first concern because at the end of this month they leave, and they will give up their place to others.  We will see…



While Dirk and I were wrestling yesterday to photograph as good and as bad possible “our” toddlers at their best our co-workers in Belgium were busy setting up the venue for GINB’s first after-Corona walk.  Els had taken the initiative and even though we kept our fingers crossed for the weather there were a considerable amount of registrations. We did not keep our fingers crossed in vain because the next day it was pouring rain, nevertheless the walkers were not afraid and defied the caprices of the weather gods just like the cyclists in Paris Roubaix.  FOR WHICH OUR BIG AND SINCERE THANKS!!!