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Spain update Oct 2020 - Fri02oct

Posted on
08 October 2020



Friday 2nd October 2020

When we wake up at 7:00h the wind that kept us awake last night by rattling the shutters continues to blow through the many cracks of Casa Belgica.  Today we are early because we have an appointment with Dr. De Frutos at 9:00h for a first examination of Coco’s leg.  We suppose he will be satisfied because during the past week she did more than well even though the frame around her leg is bothering her terribly. It is difficult to walk, difficult to lie down and difficult to sleep but she nevertheless remains in good spirits and she takes part in our “household” ...It is barely 8:00h when we leave for Talavera.  When Dirk drives the car out none of our dogs feel like waving us out, it is too wet and too early…


The whole way it is raining cats and dogs out of the dark sky and the wind is beating against the car.  Anyway, Coco is not impressed by that natural disaster and just like the previous time she is looking outside with interest during the whole trip. When we approach Talavera, the sun is breaking through the clouds and it stops raining.  Fortunately, we can park close to the clinic after having moved a city container.  The wind is still raging madly and when Dirk takes the frail Coco out of the car she is almost blown away with her frame. For me, the wind is targeting my once luscious locks of hair and is blowing what remains to all sides, especially my “frou-frou”, I hate it.  While Dirk tries to seduce Coco for a pee, but he gets a heap instead what is good if not better, I go to the entrance of the clinic and ring the bell. We are happy that almost instantly the doctor rescues us out of the windy “entrance” and takes us along to his cabinet where Coco willingly endures an extensive examination. After half an hour Dr. De Frutos lets us out satisfied and we get a new appointment. If no accidents happen with her leg, we only must revisit in three weeks from now.  Your candles obviously helped a lot… Let us all hope it continues like this…


While we continue to work with Coco on her recovery things are going from bad to worse in Madrid and the city and all suburbs are locked down.  Two more weeks to go before Dirk and his co-driver will leave for Belgium with the dogs… Candles again???