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Spain update November 2021 - Tue02Nov

Posted on
09 November 2021



Tuesday the 2nd of November 2021

And so, everything is behind us, the last obstacle is also gone… This morning when Dirk at 4:30h brought Koen Falise after having been on duty as co-driver on the way back to Spain to the airport, he could not foresee that after 5 minutes he was back in bed at home he would receive a message from Koen that his Brussels Airlines flight was delayed with 6 hours!!! As stung by a wasp Dirk jumped out of bed, he sat behind his computer and bought a new ticked for Koen at Iberia and this way he could still leave at 8:50h to Belgium. At last peace because we had eventful days behind us. Last Wednesday co-driver Roel arrived, he met the puppies who almost scalped him in their enthusiasm, then he pruned the fig tree, and, in the evening, we had the usual spaghetti together. After a TV evening we went to bed early as the gentlemen would not see their bed anymore before Friday. The day after I was barely ready with their packed lunches when Marie-Carmen already arrived with the first travelers. After the second trip the last happy ones went on board and then it was the puppies’ turn who followed the operation with argus eyes. As usual the goodbye to “our” dog children was emotional for me, and I sent a prayer up to force eternal luck for them and all travelers on board. It was 9:20h when I waved them goodbye and when I let out our dogs who watched indignantly and with the necessary protest how the gate was closed behind the driving van.


When peace had returned, I looked at them and went to get “comfort” nic-nacs.  Without success because they went back inside apathetic and left the cookies for the birds.  I followed them also apathetic and looked back at the empty garden and in my mind, I heard the yelp of the puppies. Above my head dark clouds gathered and about an hour after they left it started blowing and raining and then pouring. How could I know that it would last 4 days before the heavens were empty and that it would stop raining. After noon I received their first call when they changed seats in Burgos. Roel had taken over and Dirk could eat lunch. The passengers were behaving and so were the puppies. When he asked if everything was okay in Casa Belgica and if the dogs were good, I told them that they had a hard time because shortly after their departure raining and blowing had started which Dirk could hardly believe. When I asked them how his co-driver was, he replied “good” and added with laugh that he has eaten almost all the spaghetti that I had given… Around 15:30h they crossed the Spanish French border and while standing still they were visited again by a “customs-lady” who liked to have a look at the dogs and who sympathized with the suffering inflicted on them. Those visits gradually became tradition. More than 12 hours later the dogs were welcomed in Hof Rosa Canina by the arrival team and Dirk went to sleep on the hard surface of the van. Roel went in bed in his mobile home with Kris, but he did not feel well at all….



When at 9:00h I called Dirk to tell him that someone who urgently needed him had phoned and asked to call back I immediately heard from his voice that he was nervous. Roel was sick and with fever in his mobile home, but he was “quickly tested” negative with the corona test kit that Dirk had brought along and at this moment he was setting up the tent with Dirk B and Claire’s Raymond. Later someone would arrive to pick up his dog and the van still needed to be cleaned, the reception room must still be prepared, and the veterinarian still must stop by etc…etc…  I did not insist, told him that he could call back once he was at home and meanwhile, I hoped that Roel was not sick of my spaghetti. It took still till late in the afternoon before I received a phone call and he told me that he did not have the courage anymore to go to the shop to buy food, that explained everything. He would go the day after at 8:30h to the shop before he left for the adoption day.  At 22:00h he called back that he fell asleep and went to bed exhausted, you would for less.  The next day it was barely 8:20h when he informed me that he was already at the Okay supermarket. Before he hung up, I advised him to call me when he was back at home. It was after 17:00h when he called me that he was in De Pinte and despite the bad weather everything went well.  Everybody was happy with the new family member and the puppies were also in good hands. Thereafter they had cleaned up and took down the tent etc…etc…  I became already exhausted to be reminded of all the things to be done for adoption days.  Before going to bed he would call me, it would not be late because tomorrow he would leave already at 5:00h for Spain together with Koen.



Meanwhile they have arrived on Sunday at 22:30h or better at 21:30h (my clock was still on summertime) in Casa Belgica where it had just stopped raining and storming. The dogs were let out, the gentlemen were tired, and I was happy that it was over again and that everybody arrived at “home” safely and without problems. Apart from Dirk who arrived with a bad cold and heavy sneeze that he got from the wet preparations of the adoption day, a cold that in the meantime he brought me as a present. Also, we did not know yet that Koen would have problems with the “flight transportation” to Belgium but as mentioned earlier that problem was also solved what is not the case with both of our colds but fortunately, we were tested covid negative. As for the rest, Dirk and I will leave on Sunday by plane to Belgium where on Monday I will have an extensive cardiologic examination, on Tuesday I am expected in the hospital and on Wednesday I will be operated.  Because I will spend the night in the hospital I will be the first patient on the ”wish” list of the neurosurgeon.  If corona will not intervene, so far. Despite the inevitable rest and rehabilitation time resulting from the surgery I plan to be back in Spain after 2 to 3 weeks for our dogs who stayed behind in Casa Belgica and for Anne and Fred who will come over to operate from the 25th till the 28th of November. Whether I will be a full-fledged hostess is another question. Anyhow I will not be able to keep up with my updates and I will miss your comments very much.  We will see, I will be trying my best. Dirk says I am crazy but who knows we might still in extremis win the Euro millions so that I can take a private flight to Spain!!  This would of course simplify things enormously but that is wishful thinking…


Thank you for your attention and sympathy