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Spain Update Nov 2020 - Sun08Nov

Posted on
21 November 2020



Sunday 8th November 2020

In the afternoon we return to the shelter to make pictures of the last arrived galgos and of those who are expected, according to Marie-Carmen and Diana galgueros will arrive this afternoon to bring their “garbage”.  Although it is a waste of energy, I get angry just thinking about it.  After another bumpy drive, an amusement park worthy, one with which you have difficulty to keep your intestines in place, we arrive first. Before Dirk’s irritation about the Spanish punctuality degenerates in a bad mood Marie-Carmen and Diana fortunately arrive on time. Sigh…  Followed by 2 cars with young families annex small children who come to choose a dog  Dirk and I hurry out of the cathedral because I have difficulty not to show my irritation about the way the children handle the dogs presented to them.  I do not see love only possessiveness for a “toy” that they want and indifferent parents watching disinterested.  When we enter the quarantine, I say to Dirk “that will not work out” …


With Diana as extra support pilar we cross the central square that looks like a war scene after the many rain and make our way through holes and channels. Even before I enter the first ladies’ residence, I already think of the return and the intimidating colossi that walk in the square and consider myself as a juicy starter in case I should struggle and fall.  As soon as we enter the ladies’ place, we are looked at hopefully by dozens of beautiful eyes and we are overwhelmed by a tsunami of wet noses and a tangle of long legs. While Dirk is making photos and I inform Diana of our planning the galgo ladies are crowding around us to express their love with dedication. Wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time because I know that there are some amongst them who will wait in vain for a new future.  For some of the pseudo candidate adopters they are just a bit too old or do not have the right color…it is sad, but it is the painful truth…



When our work is finished, we return to the quarantine.  In the “cathedral” the 2 families are in a busy conversation with each other and god knows about what but certainly not about the dogs.  Meanwhile the noisy children “choose” for more than an hour now between the Breton hunting dog and a white black “fox” with coarse hair.  I have respect for the dogs who willingly allow themselves to be dragged in all directions. I hate their lack of respect and education and I urge Dirk to leave because at home 15 galgos, amongst them 2 with a broken leg and 1 teckel recovering from a broken leg are waiting impatiently for our return. So much, too much… When we close the gate behind us there is a white blinded vehicle parked next to our jeep with 2 galgueros on board.  According to what we can hear the gentlemen are listening to the football and they give their loud comments about (I suppose) the performance of their favorites while they are waiting to get inside the shelter to dump their superfluous “products”.  It is a Sunday scene in Spain...


Monday 9th November 2020

Today is obviously not my day, in the bathroom I fall due to an overestimation of my abilities. Fortunately, I can grab hold of the door handle and I hang just above the ground in an unnatural position like a fish on a line. While my hip and back are creaking dangerously I call Dirk for help.  Of course, I get a lot of nagging saying that I am crazy to take risks etc.… When he rescues me out of my uncomfortable position I can hardly stand up from the pain.  While Dirk is again blaming me, he installs me on my bed where I must endure sciatica for the next 2 days. Because I am not particularly good in compulsory rest, I cannot resist to check my mails every now and then and I reply to my mails in the following days.  To move myself Dirk has brought out my crutches which in case of emergency are always standby in a near corner.

Thursday 12th November 2020

It is not yet 8:00h when Dirk lifts me on board of the van to drive to Dr. De Frutos with Coco and Elliot. I am hopeful for Elliot, thanks to the muzzle that he must wear day and night his wound is perfectly healed, and he starts to walk well on his paw.  I hate it having to put on the muzzle constantly, but it is either that or open wounds with an eventual infection, he is licking and sucking constantly at it.  It is understandable as it must be itchy etc.… but we cannot take the risk. And thus, there is no other option than a muzzle which is even much more comfortable than the Elizabeth collar that Dr. De Frutos proposed. I hate these things… They are not all like Coco who patiently endured the irritating frame at her hind leg, I felt so sorry for her... Anyway, she will be rewarded and later Dr. De Frutos will remove her “Eifel tower”. At least I hope it, she deserves it so much.


An hour later we are first in the clinic and Elliot can walk around on the catwalk. Thereafter Dr. De Frutos is very satisfied with the result and he can go back in the van. I have never seen him walk that fast and that good; Dirk has trouble keeping up with him. Then it is Coco’s turn, after having examined her thoroughly the doctor decides to remove the frame and she is put under anesthesia.  We are over the moon that she is finally released from her torture device!!  While Dr. De Frutos is operating her, he lends us his office for a conversation with his friend bank director who after Dirk’s frantic attempts and frustrations to open a bank account in Spain will finally take care of it.  We can hardly believe it, after all unsuccessful attempts and umpteenth excuses of suspicious bank clerks who do not speak English or French, we will at last have a bank account to arrange our direct debits for water and electricity.  We are finally back into the 21st century.  In the afternoon we return to Casa Belgica with a “frameless” sleepy Coco and a cheerful Elliot. For once it is a sunny day…


As usual when we arrive at home our residents are excited, and the two patients are sniffed extensively to translate the strange smells into interesting stories. Unfortunately, many of them recognize immediately the clinic scent and interrupt prematurely and clearly disappointed their investigation.  In the meantime, Dirk tells me that during our absence about 5 adoption requests were entered.  I do hope that there are no dreamers amongst them who for fun send a request and do not pick up their phone when I call them or endlessly keep asking stupid questions. Covid huh… Everybody wants a dog to get outside but when they are confronted with their request they are surprised and invent the most unlikely excuses or they  need to talk it over with their partner, which according to me you better do before entering your request.  After all tiring, we need serious candidates because in the shelter the influx of galgos does not stop, this morning there were again arrivals. Anyway, we do not need shameless occasional surfers who send requests to multiple organizations at the same time not knowing what they are doing and take up my precious time.

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