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Spain update march 2022 - Fri11march

Posted on
05 April 2022



Friday the 11th of March 2022

Today is Dirk’s birthday and he is 62 years old now, compared to me he is an overage teenager… Nevertheless, last night at 4:00h I have sung for my teenager “happy birthday” with a woolly voice.  Because the workers make a deafening noise from early in the morning till late at night that is accompanied with an even deafening lamenting Spanish music by the local flamenco singers, there was no time for presents or a meal. And so, in 5 minutes that Dirk was not around I made a birthday present drawing for him and Loulou Babalou, the meal will be for a later date.  Anyway, when I looked at our FB this morning before we went to celebrate this special day with a breakfast in the shopping mall, there were already birthday wishes for my husband on the FB page, for which I thank you. Also, Dirk’s co-drivers and co-workers did not forget to send hilarious WhatsApps.

Before we finally left Dirk went to let our sick one out in the pouring rain.  He is a young timid beige male of barely one year old with beautiful deer eyes who arrived last Monday with a broken paw. When we urgently drove to Dr. De Frutos and he made an X-ray it turned out that the fracture was already 4 weeks old!!  Although he must have been in terrible pains, he had suffered in silence… Once we were back home Dirk must make space in the overcrowded clinic for Jésus with a G (everyone who is operated or is recovering with us in 2022 will get a name with a G, which is easier to follow up). Anyway, not only the clinic, but also the kennels must be vacated to install “Gerard, Gaston or Germain” (I must still think about it) because half of our household is in the clinic due to the construction work and lack of space. When Dirk arrived with him in the evening, and we installed him in his cozy warm residence he was too tired to be scared and too tired to eat and thus we let him calm down from the misery endured.  The major operation at his paws and the castration at the same time was not so much fun.


Meanwhile he got somewhat acclimated, and he feels safe with us. He eats well his food and takes the medication and looks forward to his sanitary stops during which he takes a short sunbath, observes his surroundings, and evaluates the hellish noise coming from upstairs. To his surprise there is nothing of this today as unfortunately the sun is hiding behind a pile of emptying rain clouds Belgian country worthy. What he also does not know is that next Thursday after his last visit to the veterinarian he will travel together with about 20 others on the list to Belgium where he can further rehabilitate with Sonja and big Dirk. If it would not have been possible for Sonja, he could have stayed with Yolanda!! It was a relief for Dirk as well as for me because we both want the best for our little man who suffered so much because of the incredible wickedness and disdain of people for the misery they cause to animals. Up to a better life now.  Hopefully he recovers well and will find a super family for life who make him forget all nasty misery and restore his faith in humans.

The whole weekend and the week after we are stuck with the flamenco singer and his companions.  On Tuesday Dirk Buffalo will arrive and as of Thursday I will be left alone with the renovators.  While I am writing this Leopold is at the garden fence in the pouring rain checking the works and every now and then he tilts his head when the singing plasterer tries to sing the high notes (which sometimes works better than others due to his smoker’s cough)… Despite the bad weather Leopold does not want to miss anything.  Meanwhile the rest is lying under the lamps in the veranda, and they look from time to time through the window at the guest in our clinic.  After a while I cannot stand it anymore and Dirk takes him inside against his will, not before he has shaken the moisture out of his fur, I tell him. Due to all distractions that he can examine closely now the “shaking” seems to be a real job for which he has no time.  As soon as he is inside the towel that was ready was too late and the water drops splash around.  While Dirk still tries to rub him dry, I think of the many dogs in the shelter in this bad weather.  Especially those who have little chance to be “elected”. The elderly, the handicapped like the deaf Lluvia Dos… But who knows, maybe as fortune seeker of the week like Pinocho, Paloma and Morante she will still find someone who succumbs to her charms that she has in abundance.