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Spain update march 2020 - Tue24march

Posted on
29 March 2020



The crowned heads…

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Yesterday when we heard the news that Spain will be in “lockdown” for at least one month the images of patients in our familiar hospitals in Madrid lying on the ground, I panicked. Of which many people thought in the beginning that “it will probably not be so bad” the reality is now exceeding fiction. That’s the result I said to Dirk, with all their movies and series about disasters and outbreaks of viruses, their phantasy becomes reality and it is less romantic than suggested.  Who would ever have thought that our self-evident luxury life would be disrupted by an army of crowned heads? When in the news about Afrika and other third world countries that are ravaged by Ebola and aids and wars and warlords and hunger, we look with a half eye while we are eating because it is far from our bed… Well, now it is close to our bed and no one could have imagined this in his wildest dreams, but we will have to go through it, there is nothing we can do. Anyway, my great comfort in these hallucinating times is the fact that one lady will become better for the time being and that is our mother earth.  Our beautiful blue planet that we abuse and exploit so much will be able to breathe again for a while.


Meanwhile I have been in Belgium since the 26th February, Dirk arrived one day later.  After the adoption day we started packing for the upcoming move which I was not looking forward to. I was and still am attached with heart and soul to the house and I have never lived in an apartment where dogs are not allowed. Anyway, we had no choice when Salva and Anabel told us a few months ago that they were going to divorce, we either had to stop GINB or buy the house in Spain and move in Belgium. The price we had to pay is that we had to leave the big old house with its big garden, its house ghost and the huge maintenance costs in the Flora street because we only stayed there during 6 months per year.  The emptier the house became the fuller became my head because what I had always suppressed as if I did not care was getting very close now. During our stay in Spain the apartment had been painted and was ready to welcome us. The 10th March was the day and we moved with the help of co-workers, movers and our old van that was irrevocably rejected at the last inspection but was still allowed to drive till the 28th March. In the pouring rain we moved half of our belongings half a kilometer farther, to the Baron de Gieylaan nr 1 in De Pinte.  The day after we celebrated together with our occasional movers Dirk’s 60th birthday.  Just in time because 2 days later the “crown jewels” attacked and all of us had to stay inside the house and we could not return to Spain where our 9 galgos including Maurice were waiting for our return…



Staying inside is now lasting for more than 10 days and the end is not near yet. In these days I wandered around like a ghost in my new habitat and tried to make it a replica of the house. Days in which Dirk all alone had to drag from the attic downstairs and from the basement upstairs the GINB stock and hundreds and hundreds of kilos of sentiment and paintings and furniture and gadgets that I carried along all my life. Then the garage and the garden shed were handled, it never ended. Days in which the apartment bulged with boxes filled with stuff that was dear to me and out of which I had to make a choice. It was difficult, much to Dirk’s despair I could not make a choice, because I could not separate from it. Days in which 2 of our events were cancelled, amongst which Yolanda’s Duinengordel in Limbourg and the Cheese and Wine evening to take place for the first time in West-Flanders. This was a financial loss for the organization and who knows what is still awaiting us.  Days in which I was constantly worrying about the shelter and about our dogs who were left in Spain and are passing their days, under the care of Vali who, like all inhabitants in Spain have house arrest. Days in which Marianne and Kris, who were planned to be in Spain from the 9th till the 12th April to operate, must stay at home now which is a disaster because a multitude of galgos is waiting. Unfortunately, there is no other option, Spain is completely in lockdown until the 23rd April for the time being.


Anyhow that’s it and I know that many of you are wondering how things are in the meantime in Las Nieves.  Well, we of course stay in close contact with Marie-Carmen and she told us that despite the fact that everybody in the village has known her for years including the mayor and the police…, she has to ask for a permission to drive to the shelter and to pick up the workers and bring them to the bus stop.  She also told that in Calypo, where Christ did not pass yet, not more than 1 person can sit in a car, not more than one person can go shopping and the police is talking to and returning everybody that dares to go outside. In Las Nieves apart from the many galgos everything is still “normal”, the food is correctly supplied, the sewers are cleaned in time and the workers are present.  So, in that respect we are comfortable. There are also Marie-Carmen and Pili who have a heavy responsibility in these unsecure times and thus let us support them and hope that they will stay healthy. Besides, the same goes for all of you and us and our co-workers because a lot is depending on them. Now that people must sacrifice freedom they have a lot of time to look at the site and some of them might conclude that the friendship and the gratitude of a rescued animal are part of the elementary things in life.  And maybe they are considering adopting a galgo and give it a worthy life, a life that will make themselves feel better.  Let us hope because so many innocent animals are waiting, let us hope that we can return soon as they are waiting for us, for you…


Stay healthy and enjoy your loved ones, in life and well-being till the next update.


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