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Spain update June 2021 - Sun06june

Posted on
16 June 2021



Sunday 6th June 2021

It is 9:15h when Dirk and Koen leave after a last kiss.  On board they have 25 elected galgos and our Tito and Hyppolythe, podenco Francisco and Flavie who left her 7 children behind to start a new life in Belgium. Both the last ones were “lucky”, Cisko is adopted by co-worker Annie Dusquene and mom Flavie by the Janse family, both fantastic adopters. Koen who has driven until now only the trip from Belgium to Spain has been in Casa Belgica for barely 24 hours and now he will be driving for the first time with galgos on board. He was a little bit healthy excited and nervous. Anyhow, I am sure he will pass this first test with excellence, because neither Dirk nor I will let someone drive who is not capable and according to Dirk Koen is an outstanding driver.  When I walk downstairs after having waved goodbye the dogs have resigned to their fate and are lying sulking in the kitchen while Vali is cleaning up the heaps and urine from the travellers.

Before I start my update, I look at Flavie’s 7 children who are barking loudly at the fence waiting for their Nic-Nacs, they have long forgotten their mom when I have rewarded the good children, including our 15…And of course not to forget the mother with her 5 white puppies who arrived on Friday, it means that with Vali’s help there 11 adult dogs and 12 toddlers under my care, thus in total 23 dogs.  Fortunately, the mom and her five babies do not eat Nic-Nacs yet and since their arrival they are still residing in the clinic… 



Anyway, when I enter the living room Astrid, Leopold’s fiancée, looks at me with Argus eyes because she is afraid that I will say the magic words “go for a pee”. Her scared eyes say I have been outside already. I caress her beautiful head reassuringly and wonder what I should do with her. Much to the disappointment of Leopold who is without playmate now that Francisco and Flavie are gone she is spending her life in the sofa. She does not want to go outside, she feels the safest in the sofa, she eats next to the sofa, lies down, and sleeps in the sofa and only goes outside for a few minutes in the morning and in the evening for a sanitary purpose. It is sad to see how she has been mentally mutilated by being isolated for 2 years since her birth. Her mother and 3 sisters, who have been nameless for 2 years in seclusion on a vacant piece of land somewhere in Madrid where the owner maybe once a week went throwing a few pieces of bread, have recovered better. At least 3, one sister who is in France with Annick and François is also very traumatized.  I wonder how it is even possible that someone can be so inhuman not to give his dogs a name and to leave these noble animals to their fate and to treat them like things.  One thing is sure Astrid knows her name and looks up when you speak to her.  Seeing her tormented look to process everything makes me extremely unhappy.  It is already a victory that she understands now that she is Astrid and that she has a name.  Anyway, she will get the time she needs to forget her past, if ever she succeeds…


I have hardly written a paragraph, meanwhile I went to see Filomène and her puppies whom as from now on we feed supplements to relieve mom when Dirk calls telling that they are driving to Burgos and that I must look at our FB page to see the movie. With IT-expert Koen on board it is a piece of cake… I do not know what it is but obviously they are again chased by the wind as they pass Bordeaux before rush hour and reach Poitiers around 18:00h. Dirk says there is a little more than 600 km to go. At 23:00h he calls informing that they changed seats, they left the city of Light behind them, and the GPS says that they will arrive at Marianne’s place around 01:00h.  I am surprised and I tell them that I will not call them anymore because I want to go to bed “early”.  Astrid thinks otherwise and does not want to go outside for the “evening pee”.  She unwillingly lets her “assist” and clings to all chairs on her way. When I finally succeeded my back calls for help and my heart is beating as hard as possible against the walls of my braincase with the message that I am crazy. It is right, I am exhausted.  To convince an uncooperative borzoi of 45 kg to go outside against her will is not for everyone, especially not for me, I should know better.  Unfortunately, I will never learn until it is too late Dirk would say, luckily, he is not here.

Anyhow I felt at least as miserable as after my Pfizer vaccine that I got on the 28th of May in the Calypso Ayutamiento.  It was a special experience, in the Spanish way… Afterwards I received a torn piece of paper with the date for my second shot.  Thereafter I had terrible headaches, muscle and joint pain and I felt terribly unwell.  It felt as if I had eaten 10 packs of fries with a lot of mayonnaise.  Unfortunately fries, delicious fries with a lot of salt and mayonnaise were not involved.  Tomorrow the waiting begins, and the hard work starts because nobody can imagine what it means to educate 12 puppies from baby to teenager and to give them the best food, to take care of them, help them through their vaccination, to clean up their poop and urine, to endure rough games and sharp teeth and to undergo their ever more ardent expressions of love.  If everything goes well our 7 dwarfs leave mid-July, 21 days after their rabies vaccination as determined by law. That means that for Filomène’s five children, of which 4 gentlemen and one lady, I still must find a name with an F, it is still 2021 the year of the F in Casa Belgica. To make a long story short Filomène and her children will stay with us till half September.  With this on my mind I go to bed and get up again to note down the 5 names of the “new” babies that I came up with because I could not sleep, sigh.  Anyway, the girl is named Filippine and the boys, Fred, Félicien, Florent and François.  Sofar….

Monday 7th June 2021

After a few hours sleep I wake up at 7:30h by Dirk’s phone call to tell me that last night they arrived at Marianne’s place at 0:45h, everything went well with Dirk Buffalo as a replacement for the usual welcoming team Kris and Roel who at this moment are living like God in France. The unloading of the 10 gentlemen in Hof Rosa Canina went well and men and animal were relieved and happy that the journey was over. At 3:00h he and Koen were in bed in the outbuilding and Dirk “Buffalo” in his travel home. While he continues the conversation, he walks to the van and adds that the veterinarian just arrives to “check” the galgo gentlemen for a last time before they are picked up by their new owners.  When the adoption is finished, he will call me back. It is not yet 15:00h when he rings back telling that everything went fine.  Dirk B did the kennels, he did the contracts, Claire ran the shop, Annie Dusquene, who was very emotional when she saw Cisko, went to get the dogs, Raymond was the receptionist and Koen took care of the parking, in fact everything went smoothly.  All adopters were kind and happy to get their galgo.  It was a success story with as highlight a phone call from the adopter of Torero who called me in Spain to congratulate me personally with the organization of the adoption day and the kind reception by the co-workers.  A big feather on the cap of our GINB team on duty…



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