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Spain update July 2022 - Mon04July

Posted on
19 July 2022




Monday the 4th of July 2022

Those who remember the latest update, which in the meantime can be read in the GINB magazine, know that meanwhile we finalized all activities on the program. On Tuesday the 14th of June Koen Falise, our co-driver on duty, arrived with his wife, whom I insisted to accompany him because I did not want to fly alone to Belgium. A good thing because a few days later we almost missed our flight due to the slowness of the assistant.  My “lady companion” was just like me seriously shocked and could hardly believe such negligence and treatment.  I did because I have missed twice my flight before, and I cannot accept this anymore. Suddenly you become invisible and little help from the “guilty ones” can be expected, everybody is looking the other way.  Hence the lady companion…fortunately it did not come that far but it was just in time. Let’s go back to the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Falise who arrived only after 22:00h. The next day they got a tour of Casa Belgica and thereafter to Las Nieves.  A visit that made a deep impression on Wendy, she had never thought that the shelter was that huge and she never expected that hundreds of dumped galgos would beg her to be caressed. She had never seen anything like this. It was the topic of conversation that evening. Once people have seen and undergone the shelter and have come face-to-face with the magnitude of the problem, they cannot stop talking about it. The day after it was already time to leave…



The gentlemen left with the 7 puppies and Gandalf and Lady Gaga, both of which can recover with co-workers and with Yolanda, and another 8 happy ones on board. It is an extra trip because we did not want the puppies to wait for their new home for another 2 months. This fact resulted in the necessary criticism from know-alls who thought that we should not spend our money needlessly to transport 15 dogs… Anyway, after we cleaned up the house and got prepared for the trip it was our turn to leave as the called taxi was in time and dropped us of in a crowded airport after a memorable “low flight” and the misery could start. We were only at ease when we were sitting on the plane, and it took off and we were even more at ease when it landed 2 hours later in Zaventem. The fact that we had to wait another 20 minutes on the plane for the assistance and Wendy finally pushed the wheelchair herself towards the arrival hall where the taxi driver was waiting for “Mrs. De Rudder”, we gladly accepted. I was dropped off first in De Pinte and once inside the apartment I again had a feeling to be in a hotel… especially by Claire’s welcoming flowers that always, and since years, were on the table with a short note… There was not much time to philosophize, I had promised Dirk in the taxi to give him a call as soon as I was home.  At 23:00h I called him a last time telling that I was exhausted and went to bed.  


Six hours later Dirk opened the door and five minutes later he was lying at my side spitting out his frustration about Paris where they were diverted for almost every trip since one year and a half.  According to Dirk they must drive past the Eifel Tower 20 times through narrow streets to end up on the right road and lose more than one hour and a half. I let him rage, and listen with compassion to his story, and find it terrible and conclude that I would not like to sit next to him in such situation… Four hours later I put my war colors and drive together with Dirk to Hof Rosa Canina where during a short adoption day the puppies can be picked up. For one puppy it is still uncertain because the home visit was not satisfactory.  Madam wanted her but Mister and the daughters were not enthusiastic and for a puppy the whole family needs to agree for 1000% if not the poor soul will be returned, we know that from experience… Anyway, Galathée will go along with Koen Falise who is present again, and he says that Wendy and he are looking forward already to their eventual guest.

There is no shortage of candidates, after she came available again, there were more than enough requests for her, but I must stick to the time of arrival of the requests and then wait till the home visit has taken place for the final decision. Adopters who have already GINB dogs do not need a home visit and according to some prospective adopters they are unfair competitors, I was told… If they see it that way, they forget that adopters who since years are adopting via GINB are not only a certainty for us but also for the puppy. Anyway, when the adoption day came to an end and most of the toddlers left home with their happy “parents” I decided to call Mrs. Antheunis who called first when Galathée was available again for adoption. It was her birthday and together with her husband they are adopters from the first hour who adopted their first dog already 1999.  I announced the good news that she got the puppy and wished her a happy birthday.  She was over the moon with joy and although they were somewhere in the fields with their camper, they arrived half an hour later with flowers, cakes, and chocolates in Hof Rosa Canina…


After they left with their new daughter we drove home where Dirk went in overdrive as the van must be unloaded etc…etc…  I was looking forward to recovering a little bit for tomorrow’s adoption day, but not so.  As usual Dirk was like a Duracell rabbit and after he told me twice that my pc was ready, I had no other choice than to reply to my emails.  With such an element in the house I would not be able to rest at all. When everything was right, he went shopping and put his precious van, with the necessary permission, on the parking of the town hall.  We had a short night as it was barely 8:00h when I was ready for the battle with my war colors, and I climbed on board of the van to leave for Hof Rosa Canina for the second adoption day. Once all adopters were gone with their new family member, we drove to Lommel, accompanied by Gandalf, Lady Gaga and not to forget our Loulou-Babalou. After a 2-hour drive, we were welcomed by inspirer Marie-Thérèse, Dirk b-Buffalo and Martine, Yolanda and Kevin, our “new” casual co-worker who took over Gandalf and assisted the ladies with the preparations in a nicely decorated hall where the next day for the first time since Corona a walk was again organized.


After having chatted for an hour, we drove further to our hotel where we always used to spend the night during the “Lommel walks”.  In the evening we went to eat a small meal in the adjacent restaurant that contrary to the hotel, lost a lot of quality after the Covid period. Anyway, we were only there to sleep, and we must get up fresh and cheerful for the next day.  This is easier said than done because we had to ask the manager to give us the extra pillows that they forgot, and the air conditioning was blowing icy air. Even though the air conditioning was adjusted it kept blowing enthusiastically freezing air, whether Dirk switched it off or on it did not change anything much to our irritation. Anyhow we got up with cold feet and after having let out Loulou and put on my war colors we  hurried to the dining room for breakfast. It must be said that the delicious coffee and the abundant buffet (that by Russian customers was heavily plundered and taken along in their take-away bags) made up for a lot. At our departure we thanked the buffet team and when I noticed amused that there were buffet robbers active, the manager gave a knowing look. How on earth was it possible for people to behave like this….Shame!


We arrived at 10:00h at the hall where here and there already a few adopters were sitting at the tables.  After greeting the team and the usual chat with the co-workers, some of which we had not seen in a long time, the hall got crowded and I started my “walk”.  I wanted to thank personally at least as many as possible participants for their attendance, because we did not see each other in the last 2 years thanks to the pandemic. It was a beautiful day, the weather was nice, there were a lot of people, lots of chats, delicious food, perfect service, a pleasant and beautiful walk, and a wonderful and super-cozy get-together.  We really enjoyed it. Before we realized the day was over and tasted for more.  When they all had left, and everything was cleaned up we had a goodbye drink together with the co-workers and we drove with Loulou and our van full of “homewear” to De Pinte where it had to be unloaded again.  The “walk modus” was back, and it was a good thing… Next walk the “Kronkelwandeling” (the winding walk) will take place in Flemish-Brabant, whether we will be there depends on the cost of the flights…



After a week of obligations and dentist and doctor visits etc… we returned on the 26th of June to Spain to arrive there on Monday the 27th of June. Meanwhile, 2 weeks have passed already. Weeks in which the temperature rose above 45°C, returned Mar was re-adopted, Gérard with the broken paw who recovered with Yolanda has found a home and Gandalf, won the lottery because he is adopted by regional manager Annick from France and her husband. Hopefully the other returned dogs will follow.  Meanwhile there are also about 10 new adoptions, a few hundred more to go… Let us hope that they will also find a home as soon as possible which is not evident in a vacation period though, but who knows. As far as holidays are concerned, I wish you all a fine time without worries, no traffic jams, and no strikes.  Regarding Casa Belgica we continue and if earth-shattering events occur in our “galgoland” I will inform you.  In the meantime, we are waiting for Marianne’s and Kris’s visit, they will come to operate on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of August. I sincerely hope that the temperatures by that time will have dropped because it is not livable.  Everywhere there are fire risks, during the day we can hardly go outside, and the dogs are lying the whole day in the kitchen and living room under the cool flow of the air conditioning… Even the flies that are always numerous in the summer are hiding for the heat… Fortunately, in the shelter it is cool in the indoor areas but what about the wandering galgos and other lost souls?  It is bone-dry and this means that they are dying if they are not found in time… Luckily, the weather forecast for next Tuesday the 19th of July brings coolness, we will then have only 37°C, thereafter the temperatures will rise again above 40°C and more…




Thank you for your attention.

Sincerely, Mireille