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Spain update jan 2021 - Wed13jan

Posted on
18 January 2021



Wednesday 13th January 2021

Today we went to Hypercor for shopping out of necessity. To get the car out Dirk started already at 8:00h breaking the ice (-7°C last night). At 9:30h he could maneuver between the snow piles along the side and after some effort he could drive away via the cleared narrow lane. Fortunately, the inhabitants did it themselves because the municipality did not show up… How could we then hope that the road to the shelter would be cleared…Calypo not even cleared the streets for their inhabitants who must go to work, and they were forced to walk to the big road to take the bus that was not able to drive into the neighborhoods.  Fortunately, everything was fine with the dogs and their “guardians” nevertheless it is a shame. For our dogs it will be a “shame” when the snow is gone, they had a lot of fun.  Especially our Russian Prince Leopold 3 could not deny his origin, with his “luscious fur coat” he feels great in the snow and the freezing cold and it is hard to get him inside.


Once we were able to leave Calypo we drove onto the perfect accessible highway and we arrived 20 minutes later at the Xanadu site which to our surprise was lifeless and deserted. No cars, the supermarket was closed.  We decided to drive around to the back, but we found ourselves in front of snow ploughs, bulldozers and trucks that were busy to clear snow and ice from the parking!!  Incredible that in such a big commercial center they were still struggling with the huge snow piles that had been there for days now… Out of misery we went via the side entrance to our familiar coffee shop to warm up and we were told that with a bit of luck Hypercor would open at 12:00h. As we were there now, we decided to wait one hour which seems like an eternity when you must pass the time. About 10 minutes before the announced opening time, we drove back to the Hypercor parking where it was already busy with people and the cars rose from the ground like mushrooms.

As of the doors opened the customers were squeezing through the entrance. That promises I worriedly said to Dirk, I hope they will not run over us, I hate hoarders and people without patience.  From the moment we entered the store, I immediately saw that I hoped in vain, they were like a gang of hungry lions rushing through the shelves. Especially the salt (that was gone in a few minutes) and the eggs (idem) were sold out. Fortunately, we always buy bio eggs, and they were still plentiful as the Spanish are still not interested in bio products.  Anyway, it was queuing everywhere, for the bread, the freezer, the vegetables, name it. As we have been customers for more than 15 years and we are just about the only “exotics” of the supermarket everybody knows us and with the start of the new year wishes were exchanged with the personnel.  I was happy when we finally were at the cash register where again wishes were exchanged with the cashier who gave us vouchers for a central cash stand where we got a present of 40 euro for the next purchases!! Being an exotic is not so bad after all. I have never been happier to be at home again… neither have the dogs.

Thursday 14th January 2021

This morning Dirk together with Leopold walked on foot to the shelter and back to check how far the road was accessible. Not so, according to the man who tried to scrape the ice with his bulldozer. Not even with a 4x4 he said when Dirk told him that he planned to drive the jeep. Anyway, the workers who were isolated for a week now were getting short of food provisions and they urgently needed supplies according to Marie-Carmen and she added that she would bring coffee, bread, rice, meat, and eggs to Casa Belgica. Because the two men were stuck there for so long, we decided to add, homemade soup, all kinds of spreads, 6 bottles of San Pelegrino, 2 bottles of wine, 2 beers, pasta, canned tuna, Belgian speculoos and a big “goodie bag” full of treats and sweets.



At 13:00h Dirk and Julian left to the shelter loaded as mules.  Leopold was accompanying them again the only thing he was missing were 2 backpacks to help carry the “loot”.  Anyway, the rest of our dogs were angry because they again had to stay at home and translated their frustrations by a loud protesting harrowing howling. I felt extremely guilty, but I could do little else but ease their suffering by playing Santa Claus and scatter around a large bag of nic-nacs for the good but disillusioned dog children who also were longing for a walk. More than 2 hours later I heard from the dogs that they were approaching.  Dirk as well as Leopold were exhausted, but he told that one of the workers was waiting for them at the last exit to the shelter and they felt heavenly with the pampering packages. When I asked if the dogs were OK and if he had made the requested movies and photos to share with all of you, he nodded affirmatively. When he specified that he made many I also felt heavenly…    



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