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Spain Update Jan 2019 - Thu03Jan

Posted on
05 January 2019



Thursday 3rd January 2019

So the old year is already over.  Our start of “the end” began at noon with the arrival of a tiny, cute and kind little male with a fractured leg.  He was brought to us by Belén and Dimitri before they hurried back to Salamanca for the evening party with their family.  Despite his wrapped painful leg he was so very brave, charming and enchanting that I decided to name him Philibert (like Filiberke, Jommeke’s friend but in the French way).  He was so happy with his basket, his new friends and the hugs that he wagged is tail until bleeding before he finally could enjoy the peace that he experienced.  Even when our fellow villagers at fifteen minutes before midnight started the hated hour’s long traditional year-end firecrackers and fireworks in our “Avenida” and surrounding streets, he showed to be much braver than most of our dogs who as usual were shivering with fright in the living room.


Yesterday morning we drove him to the clinic in Talavera where Dr. De Frutos was going to operate and castrate him.  Around 20h we already received photos of the operated leg and a phone call that the operation was successful and that he was doing very well. This was a relief because Philiberke was already in that short period of time engraved deep in our heart. It was a compensation for the bad news that we received in the early evening from a lady in Belgium who was going to divorce and decided to return asap her 2 dogs of 8 and 5 years old, whom had been adopted respectively 3 and 4 years ago … The “end-of-year divorce epidemic” is not yet over, there is more to come.  Only this weekend 6 “divorces” will arrive in Hof Rosa Canina…


Meanwhile life in Casa Belgica just continues, and whether it is 2018 or 2019 everything remains the same.  On weekends and beyond (even the first day of the new year) we are startled by gun shots in the fields around us.  There are still as many galgos dumped in Las Nieves, the pups are growing fast, and their new girlfriends, Coralie and Colette, now joined the “puppy gang” who received this week their first vaccinations and were all chipped yesterday. Mama Adelaide is now living upstairs and she gets medication and eggs with parsley to reduce her extensive bosom full of milk and Tito… Well, Tito is feeling very well at home and is behaving according to his status…



Saturday 5th January 2019

This morning at 9:00h we left for Talavera to pick up “Philiberken” and his perfect repaired leg with a tailor-made plate in it. After a last laser session and the goodbye to the personnel, who let him go with regret, we could take him along to Casa Belgica where a rehabilitation of a few weeks is awaiting him. And again there will be less space in the sofas…


I conclude with this positive note and next Thursday I will contact you again with a new update when Anne and Fred will be here.

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