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Spain update February 2022 - Sun27Feb

Posted on
02 March 2022



Sunday the 27th of February 2022

Even though the hunting season is over since beginning February a few audacious hunters like past Sundays cannot resist firing bullets at a few early birds or hares that are mating. When I ask Dirk what time it is he replies 6:00h. I cannot get to sleep anymore, and I think of the past month during which I was not able to write an update about the ins and outs in Casa Belgica. Too many to mention. The cause: the construction work that was urgently needed as we could not go on like this anymore.


The toilet was constantly overflowing due to enthusiasm, clogged tubes, every now and then the electricity that is interrupted, the floors coming up, a huge staircase leading nowhere and taking away all our light etc… All these inconveniences we were forced to undergo frustrated us for years because our motto is: the dogs come first. Anyway, the forced purchase of Casa Belgica was the reason to finally remedy the misery as “owners”. Hence the fact that more than a month we walked around in white dust, and we camped in our own house.  Except for Astrid, Fifi and Maleficia the dogs share the same fate and camp in the cozy and warm veranda and the garden. That is the reason for the lack of an update that even though the workers are again grinding, sawing, and doing masonry etc. (even on Sunday) I will try to write as accurately as possible.


Maybe I can start with the fact that the season for “big game hunting” is finalized and that the arrival of galgos did not stop and as a result there are now in Las Nieves about 300 residents, despite the “good news” in the press. Politics is a lot of blah blah on a long term, very long term when you know that the dignitaries in the rural villages are galgueros and hunters and that in some villages there are more galgos than inhabitants and they have their own local board. Well, Las Nieves is full and last week Marie-Carmen told us the good news that a galguero would give away 2 small puppies and asked if we could take care of them. They will arrive in Casa Belgica as soon as possible. Back to reality now. A week after the end of the hunting season the “new” regional managers for Brabant, ladies Ann Grammet and Nancy Mottet organized on my birthday for the first time and with success a “Dia del Galgo” in Leuven. A march, demonstration, and defile, three in one, in the pouring rain and heavy wind.  Nevertheless, a lot of participants joined with their galgos and looking at the movies sent to us it was a successful meeting.  Besides the many birthday wishes sent to me on FB by adopters, for which I am grateful, I could not wish a more beautiful present. Thank you all.



On Tuesday the 8th of February Dirk Buffalo arrived and he was the last visitor who saw Casa Belgica, except for the renovated bathroom, in the actual condition… On the 10th of February Dirk and his co-driver left for Belgium with Loulou Babalou and 28 lucky ones on board who were handed over to their “new” owners on Saturday. Even though we wish them good luck and happiness after all the suffering and preparations for adoption, we keep our fingers crossed when we see them leave.  Only after one week Valiente was returned because adopting a dog was underestimated. Romerito who was adopted in January suffered the same fate… Hence both are now waiting for the Belgian family  for whom they were born somewhere in the Spanish fields in terrible conditions. It is written in the stars I always say.  Sooner or later, they find their home.  For their “peace of mind”, for the regional managers’ peace of mind and mine preferably as soon as possible. The day after Dirk left again for Spain on the 13th of February together with Koen, who despite the upcoming Valentine Day was lent by his wife. Late in the evening they arrived after a long ride, and the three of us  celebrated Valentine.  The day after, upon his return from the airport where he dropped off Koen, Dirk started to tear down the old kitchen. When he removed the old hood and the heating plate and saw the blackened wall, he said that we had been” lucky” that the “house” never burned down.  So far.