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Spain update Feb 2021 - sat06Feb

Posted on
19 February 2021



Saturday 6th February, Sunday 7th Febuary 2021

The day on which 75 years ago I first saw the light of the day was dull and gray and wet and cold and most probably a replica of that day in February 75 years ago… Everything you would not expect in Spain because most of the people still think that the weather is eternally beautiful here, not so, not in Madrid and surroundings, we know better. Anyway, after a week of rain and again rain and even more wind we went to Xanadu for lunch to give the day a festive touch in the absence of better and to celebrate 2 anniversaries 25 years of GINB and 75 years of Mireille Broeders you know, a quarter century and three quarters century, silver, and diamond… The day could not go wrong anyway because when in the morning (as always, my first work) I checked our FB page and saw to my surprise that my birthday was announced with all the trimmings and a photo and dozens of readers already had sent messages with wishes!!  When I asked Dirk for an explanation, he said that he had arranged that with Koen Falise.  Anyway, I herewith want to thank very much the many people who sent birthday wishes.  I also want to thank all those who sent a new year’s card or else, I could not thank them earlier, we only received them last week!!! Spain, you know…


As a birthday present Marie-Carmen sent us the day after a photo of 2 old female dogs.  The 13-year-old ladies were sisters and after years of reproduction they were dumped in Las Nieves because of too old. If I could do anything for them…. When I called Marianne to agree on the date of departure and when I mentioned casually that I reserved 2 sisters of 13 years old who were dumped in Las Nieves after services rendered, she replied “très bien, magnifique” I could not wish for a better birthday present.


Wednesday 10th February 2021

Today Elvis, Elodie and Fernandel have an appointment with Dr. De Frutos in Talavera, “a high day” for Elvis whose external frame will hopefully be removed today, a slightly lesser day for Fernandel whose joint is well healed but he will be castrated later and for Elodie hopefully a positive day after the major operation at her paw that must be “checked”.  Elvis and Fernandel are taken to the pre-operation room. Elodie’s (after Elodie Ouédraogo) paw is examined accurately by Dr. De Frutos, and thereafter the X-ray machine checks it again.  The verdict is magnificent, Elodie honors her name and passes the test perfectly. Dr. De Frutos confirms that she is ready for adoption. And now Elvis and Fernandel.  Elodie can return home and later at 13:30h we can pick up the two gentlemen. After barely an hour at home we return to Talavera and we take along Leopold who is having problems with his ears.


After an hour we are back to where we came from and miraculously, we find again a parking place for the van.  With Leopold at the leash even the most indifferent Spanish turns his head, not always in a positive way. Anyway, the most important is that also Elvis is approved and Dr. De Frutos shows proudly the result of his work.  The knee joint has grown together perfectly, and the kneecap is again in place. Thereafter I tell him that one important task is still waiting for him. When he asks in surprise which one, I say seriously, to operate my back, maybe you are more successful...Unfortunately, he thanks for the honor.  It still takes fifteen minutes before everybody is installed in the van… 15 long minutes during which Dr. De Frutos is talking to the waiting clients whilst holding Leopold at the leash. Leopold is happy with the unexpected success and admiration of a few curious bystanders who have never seen such a large dog and they want to know what breed he is.  While Leopold is enjoying the attention and is showing his best side Dirk brings Elvis and Fernandel on board with the help of the assistant. An hour and a half later we are home with the “sick” ones and Dirk and the van have driven more than 300 km.


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