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Spain update April 2021 - Sun18April

Posted on
04 May 2021




Sunday 18th April 2021

After having first taken care of Flavie and her offspring Flora, Florence, Florentine, Fleur, Felipe, Frutos and Fiston we left on Friday as planned with Fufu and Astrid to Talavera.  Astrid for sterilization and Fufu to have the evolution of her eyes checked and to start her Leishmania treatment.  After having left the Friday “exodus” from Madrid behind us Dirk maneuvered the van in Talavera between 2 parked cars to the millimeter, a spectacular performance.  While I am waiting with Fufu on a leash Dirk was putting on Astrid’s harness and I heard behind me that a car door was opened. The driver of the car could not keep his eyes off Fufu and asked carefully, keeping in mind the Dutch lettering on the van if she was a Russian galgo.  When I agreed he said that they were beautiful dogs and that he now saw one in “real life” for the first time.  When Dirk got out of the car with Astrid his surprise was complete, and he asked who we were and what we were doing.


Because we were expected by Frutos I gave him our address card and advised him to look at our website… You never know.  If only it could be useful to inform us regarding a galgo in need because that is how it works most of the time when I give our data to a Spaniard.  After we dropped the sisters in the clinic, we must keep ourselves busy until 16:40h because at that time I had an appointment with the doctor.  There was nothing else to do than to get the van out of the millimeter parking space and to drive to the local shopping center to eat something and thereafter go to Leroy and Merlin to get the door handles and other accessories needed by Julian for our clinic.  To eat we must be happy with the only and not too flourishing Italian restaurant in the shopping mall which was not offering many vegetarian menus.  Not a problem for me because I was worrying about the doctor’s visit and I did not have much appetite. Anyhow we had to pass time, to return home was not an option and thus we took what was offered: salad and a lasagna swimming in a thick white sauce.


I was so much worried about the doctor’s visit that the turmoil about my coming flight to Belgium, INDEED!!!, was pushed aside.  Anyway, after a lot of consideration I finally decided to take the flight with which Roel was arriving to fly to Belgium and thereafter come back with Dirk in the new van.  Given my “condition” I was still not comfortable with it, but I was able to convince Dirk who had ordered my ticket reluctantly because I really wanted to see everyone again and to be present at the adoption day. Besides, I need to get my first vaccination, and this would have been a decisive argument. It would have been also the perfect moment to go, once the puppies were bigger and walking around Dirk and I could not leave together anymore… To fly to Belgium was not the only decision that made me feel uncomfortable. After careful consideration we have decided to release Eusebio for adoption.  My heart was bleeding, but we could offer him nothing else than Casa Belgica, GINB and Belgium-Spain and he is so young and full of joie de vivre and so eager to learn and ready to explore the world that he is entitled to it. So, I am not allowed to be selfish, but I must let him go, towards adventure!! With whom he will go towards that adventure will be tough because he will take along a part of my heart and it must be “right”, and he must keep his name… Also, Elvis will travel along and will make a stopover at Els until he is ready for the world and a new family.  It was also a difficult decision, after all this time he trusts me blindly and he is very much attached to me. Well, it does something to a person’s heart…May the force be with him…


As befits true Belgians we signed up armed with the X-rays of my hip and the history of my “resonans” fifteen minutes before my appointment in the Centro Medico Trinidad... (what is in a name) and we were installed in the hall.  After 4 patients preceded us I and I became nervous and looked as red as a tomato it was our turn and a minute later, I was face to face with the doctor.  He read the letter and looked at the X-rays and then he said that my hip was in awfully bad condition and painful.  It was affected by arthritis and needed to be replaced urgently, preferably as soon as possible!! Eventually in Spain as travelling was excluded, he said firmly, I should not take unnecessary risks.  If desired he could do the surgery, it was his specialty… Regarding my back he made a hopeless gesture, there was still no fusion and higher it should also be fastened, the rest I did not hear anymore. I did not want to hear it anymore and I needed all my courage to stay strong. I should have known, because of the pain and the difficult walking, but I still had hoped, without hope no life my grandmother always said…

Before we left, we agreed with the doctor that we would consult our insurance and let him know.  He would do the same and would mail us the approximate amount of the surgery and the stay in the clinic.  Then I walked at Dirk’s hand like in a dream across the street to Dr. De Frutos’ place.  While he was giving explanation about Fufu and Dirk brought Astrid to the van he asked how it was at the doctor. When I told him that my hip needs replacement, he said “I am sorry”. Yes, I was also sorry.   My trip to Belgium cancelled, my reunion with people cancelled, “my” adoption day cancelled.  For how long I will still be stuck in Spain and what about my vaccination because Dirk takes this seriously? Yes, the vaccinations, we should consider this. During the entire weekend I tried to give everything a place, but I was so worried about my hip and the operation that I had headaches on Saturday and Sunday, you would get headaches for less… Again, an operation on top of the 4 previous ones in last year, how long could I keep up that pace? Fortunately, I only have two hips and the one that is giving up is the last “real” one… Keeping this in mind I tried to ridicule it and stay positive. Together with Dirk I started to take care of the many worries and obligations towards our many guests as good as possible.  We will see…. Although when I was watching top doctors on Monday my heart was beating twice as fast…