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The GINB Gazette - April 2019

Posted on
04 June 2019



"You're not dead alone": the heartbreaking letter from a woman who wanted to save a stray dog

A poignant and beautiful text that everyone should read.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than the moments before the death of a pet. But what about when a dog you've never seen dies before your eyes and you're the only person who can help ?

"You are not dead alone

Katie Nicole Flowers had such an experience a few days ago and she wanted to share it via her Facebook account. While she was driving, she noticed a little shadow on the ground, in the dust. She decides to stop to see and discover a dog of 22 kilos who could not move. Lying in a ditch, covered with ticks and other fleas, and visibly hungry, the dog seems to be suffering a lot. Katie gets closer to give him some cuddle and reassure him. The dog then tries to get up, in vain. It's impossible. He then licks the hand of Katie who decides to carry him in his car to find help.

The journey to the veterinarian's office is complicated. Katie always keeps a hand on the animal to reassure him and also gives him to drink. 

Once there, the vet helps Katie get the poor animal in and explains that it is too late to help. He has his back broken and must be euthanized to shorten his suffering. Devastated, Katie stays by her side until her last breath, so that he does not die alone.

In a few days, Katie's message was shared more than 60,000 times.

A very beautiful declaration of love.

Below, the message posted by Kathy on her Facebook account:

"You are not dead alone today.

I do not know how I saw you in that ditch on my way to work, but I'm so glad I did. You were thin, covered with dirt and ticks. You moaned, licked my hand and tried to get up. But you could not because your paws did not carry you anymore. I dragged you out of the ditch and carried you into my car. You weighed over 40 pounds, and I tried to carry you carefully, but it was hard and I knew you were in pain. But you have never been aggressive.

You pissed on my legs when I wore you, and you pissed on the seat of the car. No problem, I know you could not control it.

I drove you to the vet as fast as I could, you did not really like that drive. Have you ever been in a car? I kept my hand on you all the way for you to know that you were not alone. I gave you water, and you drank the whole bottle. How long have you been alone in this ditch with nothing to eat or drink ? 

I took you to the vet. I called to help get you out of the car, because I did not want to hurt you any more than you already had pain. But while we waited, I never stopped caressing your head. I spoke to you. I told you everything would be fine.

They took you and knew right away that your back was broken. There was nothing they could do.

They told me that a man was going to bury you with love on the ground in front of his farm. I do not know if it's true or not, but I like to think that's the case.

I caressed your fur while they fell asleep, and I cried when you breathed your last breath.

I do not know if you had known love before today. I hope so. But even if it's not the case, I hope you know that you've been so loved in your last moments. You had importance for someone. And I carry you in my heart forever.

You are not dead alone today”.

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