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Spain Update Sept 2018 - Mon10sept

Posted on
11 September 2018



Monday 10th September 2018

Voilà, it is all over and everything went well…

As planned Roel arrived on Wednesday and he brought a surprise gift. A “mini Hercules” as a companion in the van, both of us were emotional.  To prevent you from all evil and misfortune Kris had said… After the welcome ceremony he submitted himself to Dirk’s usual stress that is related to the departure… After the work was finished they both took a dive in the pool to cool down and they had spaghetti in the evening. The next day we started loading at 8:30h and the stress that I felt for Lionel-L was totally unnecessary.  He went on board in a self-evident way and watched the activities.  Above his head Marie-Jeanne was doing the same and like Lionel-L she was also fascinated by her many fellow travelers.  I left at exactly 10:00h with Salva to the airport where my plane was delayed with 30 minutes and then flew over the “cobblestones” to Belgium where my nephew was waiting to pick me up for the first time and to drive me to De Pinte.



Once at home I kept in touch with the drivers, as usual, who were moving forward fast and they were happy that there was little traffic and hence they rang Marianne’s doorbell at 3:20h to drop off Lionel-L and Marie-Jeanne.  Barely an hour later they arrived in Rosa Canina where they were welcomed by the Lady of the House and co-workers Big Dirk, Kris Saenen and Marc and Anja who helped unloading the travelers.  Dirk and his co-driver drove with our dogs to De Pinte where they could lie down in peace for a couple of hours without having to worry about the dogs.  For the first time they had been unloaded immediately after arrival whereas before we still had to wait a few hours in the van until De Pillowrijn opened the doors.  This is a relief because those were the toughest hours for men and animals in the past….


At 9:00h they left again to prepare everything for the adoption day and to set up the new tent, while I had to stay with our dogs.  To design the reception room Dirk wanted my advice because he said I would not approve if they did it and in case it was not what I wanted. How right he was, what an understanding… It was 13:30h when he picked me up and 4 hours later, when everything was as I wanted, we drank to the baptism of fire and the good course of tomorrow’s adoption day together with Christel and the co-workers… After an hour’s “toasting” we went home to our dogs and the many work that we both still had to do before tomorrow.  We had a little snack and then Dirk started his price list, etc... And when he finished at 23:00h, he went to bed to get up on Saturday at 6:30h. I went to bed not much later because I had to get up at 8:30h to be ready to leave with Dirk and to apply my make-up etc…etc...


Despite the fact that everybody had a bit stress for the new, my nephew, his wife and daughter were thrown in front of the lions and had to take orders and serve for the first time. Also the new regional managers Annick and François from France were helping for the first time, and despite the fact that I am rather sentimental and that I have difficulties to let go of things, everything went well.  I was too busy to worry and I saw after a while that everything was good, even very good the compliments by the adopters were the proof.  On the parking lot everything went smoothly, idem in the tent, Sophie Verlinden from Duck and her husband brought presents for the adopters and as usual all co-workers were doing their utmost.   Everything went better than good and all were contented and so was I, thanks to Christel and all co-workers especially those who did the preparatory work to receive the dogs.


While I was still busy Dirk showed a mail from Marianne with photos from Lionel-L whose neck she had been stitching again.  This time without “rinse holes” because the wound was clean now.  Much cleaner than my misty eyes after I had looked at the photos, that was for sure. When I was looking back how he arrived a month ago I was again sure that, apart from Louis, no other veterinarian in Spain would have given him a chance, he would have been a lost case.  And look at him now…  I felt like a proud parent when I looked for the last time at the photo and continued quickly what was expected from me…There is still justice, and there are still good people…


When all adopters were gone we had our cozy get together.  There were cakes from Martine, French croissants from Annick and François, champagne from Marc and Anja etc...etc… There was a lot of congratulating and singing (not alone of course…).  Three new regional managers among them Martine Ongena, the new colleague for Christel and Marleen Vanschoorisse, for the East-Flanders region, Dorine Vanwalleghem, the new colleague for Katrien for the West-Flanders region.  And last but not least Annie Duquesne who will manage the French part of Central Belgium and will be a colleague for many.  In addition Roel and Kris as well as Frank and Pat, and Marc and Anja became grandparents, hence there was a lot to celebrate.  Anyway I was happy, all did a fantastic job: the new regional managers, the kitchen team, the old faithful… It was a perfect day and I have a perfect team.  Every time that I think I am too tired and will not keep it up I go home with more energy than I arrived, thus…


After the walk in Wezemaal we will return to Spain. After a week of work we will drive to Belgium and without unexpected “surprises” we will take a few days’ vacation. Anyway we will remain reachable via the regional managers.

Thank you for your attention.


Mireille and Dirk

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