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Spain Update Dec 18 - Satt29Dec

Posted on
03 January 2019



Saturday 29th December 2018

To conclude.

Thanks to the “cold heritage” of our hotel I got a sore throat in the week after the Christmas market, the inside of my chest felt as if it was full of glass splinters, my nose was flooding and my voice, before losing it completely, sounded as if I had smoked three packs of cigarettes and had emptied the same amount of wine bottles. After having spent two days in bed, feeling washed out, Dirk decided it was time to consult a doctor despite my resistance.  This is easier said than done in Calypo.  They do not have a general practitioner here.  The female doctor who had consultation in the social center of the Ayuntamiento (the Town Hall) did not want to come to Casa Belgica, despite Vali’s explanation and the mention that she did home visits during certain hours, because I am an “extrangero”(foreigner).  Despite the fact that I was only a 5 minutes’ drive away from her she told us that we had to go all the way to Valmojado or Toledo or go to the emergency with the “ambulancia”!!

I preferred to drop dead than to go to the emergency with a bronchitis or flu or whatever.  Dirk was angry and said a doctor who refused to help someone ill was not  correct and he was already preparing for the battle and to invade the Ayuntamiento to tell the doctor what he thought of her, sigh.  Despite the temporary medication from the local pharmacy there was no improvement, on the contrary, on Christmas day I woke up with an ugly swollen face. Dirk was seeking advice from the nurses amongst the co-workers and a “dog pill” was recommended for the swelling and the next day he called the Castillo clinic in Alcorcon where I went last year each day during one month for an injection for my sciatica.


Fortunately I was allowed to go there already the day after and a friendly young female doctor who tried to speak English determined that I had flu and a head full of “mocos” (mucus).  I got medication that I had to take during 5 days. I have now started the third day and I am feeling much better.  My head is not swollen anymore and my voice sounds as if I had only one pack of cigarettes and one bottle of wine and thus I can contact people interested in adoption again in a convenient way.  Anyway my period of “sickness leave” was brightened up by Yolanda’s message that our first Warmest Week Christmas Market had raised 3392 Euro. I was in bed when Dirk handed the telephone to me.  When Yolanda heard what was left from my voice she probably thought that I was dying. I thought that I was dreaming when she told me the amount but I wasn’t… with thanks to the many visitors, I emotionally thought… maybe next year again.  Hopefully because the money is urgently needed and idem in 2019.


All advantages have their disadvantage and vice versa says the proverb…Especially in Casa Belgica as like every year the Christmas and end of year period is a dangerous time to dump dogs and not all people are of goodwill. In Spain there are the galgueros who dump their galgos in mass, yesterday on top of the hundreds that are already in the shelter 10 more were entered, the days before idem. In Belgium there are people who a couple of weeks after a second adoption suddenly divorce and then cannot take care of their galgos anymore and return them: this week 3 dogs of one family, last week one, the week before two etc.. etc.. There are even galgos who around that time of the year, after a few years of adoption, suddenly start fighting with the other dogs of the family or dogs that after 3 years in the house start urinating etc… for each their own excuse… Just like Dirk and the regional managers I got “used” to it in the meantime but it remains difficult and each time again we are frustrated and angry because people can do that to their animal and blame the dog with invented sins to “excuse” themselves and consequently make it difficult for the poor animal’s future.


If only they knew what these poor galgos have endured before their photo is put on the website, after which they have been chosen by them, to be returned after a certain time. If only they knew the cruelties that they had to go through. Ah what, even then it would not stop them from returning the dog to GINB.  Once they are fed up with the dog and when they are finding excuses to get rid of him we all know what follows then. Much improvement is not expected from this kind of people neither in Belgium nor in Spain.  Witness to that is the call from Belén yesterday.  The galguero with his 80 dogs (yes indeed) has “tested” a few of his galgos and one of them broke his leg. If we do not take him he will be eliminated.  While Belén was at the veterinarian for an X-ray a man entered with a black male for being euthanized by the veterinarian, again, sigh…  Anyway they could not treat the leg and thus I sent a mail message to Dr. De Frutos and called him this morning.  The clinic was closed and the doctor was on vacation but the “urgencia” (emergency) was reachable and we made an appointment for Wednesday. Meanwhile Dr. De Frutos will send a reply to my mail as well as the X-rays of the leg. After they tried to twist in vain his leg in the “correct” position under anesthesia of course!! he will come to Casa Belgica on Monday and will be operated on Wednesday.


While I am writing this update the pups are walking outside in the winter sun and Tito, who is now named officially Tito Toulouse Tripod De Rudder Broeders, is walking swiftly amongst the dogs in the garden. Between them is trotting a white beauty who has just been freed from her mother duties for the little monsters.  And then there were 12 upstairs and 8 toddlers who escaped death. I watched them and saw that it was good, sigh…

Our best wishes to all our adopters, sympathizers and indispensable co-workers.  Without them this would not be possible at all…

Thank you for your attention.



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