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A roof above their heads

5th January 2013

After Mr and Mrs Stoops’ appeal to support the project for “a roof above their heads” we are very pleased that numerous sponsors have reacted and donated.  The donations at this moment amount to 6.800 Euro!!! The GINB organization as well as the people from LAS NIEVES thank all the sponsors on behalf of the dogs and themselves.


After many rainy weeks the road to the shelter was almost inaccessible and as a consequence the material for the roof could not be supplied.  Fortunately, the weather improved lately and last week the steel pillars could be delivered and the two first holes for the foundation are ready.


6th January 2013


11th January 2013


15th January 2013                


22th January 2013


28th January 2013


30th January 2013

03 february 2013


05 february 2013

Latest news on the roof
Dear All, As you can see the roof is more or less finished and almost functional. Only the name "roof" is not correct... the construction looks like a real cathedral. It can be seen from a far distance; even God can stay there when he is visiting the galgos. All this was made possible thanks to your combined effort. Again many thanks for the tsunami of generosity, sympathy and faith in GINB. The greyhounds, the Las Nieves ladies and the GINB organization could not dream of a more beautiful reward.


P.S. When there is some money left we plan to rebuild the road to the shelter as this is urgently needed especially now because our cathedral is finished.


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