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  1. Membership of “Greyhounds in Nood Belgium”

There are various possibilities:

° Regular member: 30.00 € - ( abroad ) 65 € ( incl postage costs )

° Supporting member: 65.00 € - ( abroad ) 100 € ( incl postage costs )

° Honorary member: 125.00 € - ( abroad ) 150 € ( incl postage costs )

After having transferred the chosen membership fee on account number BE71 2930 2190 4069 - GEBABEBB of “Greyhounds in Nood Belgium"

You will receive a membership card and a quarterly magazine.

  1. Financial support

Through one or more donations to the benefit of “Greyhounds in Nood Belgium” on account BE71 2930 2190 4069 - GEBABEBB.

  1. Material gifts

We have also a tremendous short-age of pharmaceutical material (compresses, de- worming medication, disinfectant for infected wounds, and so on). 


WOW Funds


Dear GINB friends,

“An animal is not for a while but for a lifetime”

For most of us these words are most evident but as you all probably know, a lot of aged dogs were returned lately and most of the time with the most mendacious reasons, or even without any reason…

Not only these aged dogs have obviously more difficulties to find a new home, but often we find out that the previous owners did not take their responsibility and the dogs are returned in a precarious health condition such as teeth that look like a cemetery…

To prepare these poor animals for a new home we have to spend a lot of money for different veterinary treatments.  This money is highly necessary in order to find a new life in Belgium for the dogs in Spain.

Therefore, in the GINB organization a fund was established, the “WOW” fund. This means “dignified aging”.  The gifts to this fund are exclusively intended for the check-ups of the older returned dogs.  They deserve more than ever a good care after having been dumped as old garbage after many years of adoption.

Hence this warm appeal to everybody with the heart on the right place, to sponsor the WOW fund with a few Euro’s (or more) per month with an automatic bank transfer on account

BE71 2930 2190 4069 - GEBABEBB

of “Greyhounds in Nood Belgium"

Address: Baron de Gieylaant 1 bus 3, 9840 De Pinte

Mentioning “WOW fonds”.

Every gift, big or small, is most welcome because dignified aging is a right for every living creature!


With our sincere thanks for your donation and a big paw from the senior galgos.

GINB and team