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The Cathedral

Dear friends from GINB,

Due to the high number of greyhounds sheltered in our quarantine area, it had been obvious for quite a while that roofing the outdoor patio in this part of the shelter was a must. By doing so, we would make sure that all greyhounds in quarantine could still make use of this large outdoor area to play or simply rest during the cold, rainy or very warm days. Since we unfortunately did not have enough money for the construction works, we decided to ask Mireille and Dirk for financial support. Thanks to your generous donations we have managed to make this dream come true! Your overwhelming generosity has made it possible to raise 15.000€!!!

Since there are trucks going through a part of this area on a regular basis (to empty the sewage system, among other reasons), it was necessary to build a very high roof in order for these trucks and the GINB van to have access to the inside of the shelter. Translucent and opaque panels have been used in order to let the natural light go through. The grandeur of the construction has led many of our visitors to start calling it “the cathedral”, and so it will be named. This cathedral is the main entrance to our shelter. It is the door to the home of the abandoned and, very often, mistreated ones. This cathedral will be the symbol of the place that gives them shelter and hope for a new life – a life full of love with a true family.  A cathedral is a place where “the life of faith” is taught. The cathedral of Las Nieves is the place where humans help animals and where we endeavor to show them our FAITH in a new LIFE for them. Las Nieves has always been a dog village, in which many dogs live in large packs in the different areas. 

From now on, the village of Las Nieves even has a cathedral, thanks to our friends in GINB and your extraordinary generosity. 

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