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Dear future adopters,

All greyhounds that are offered for adoption in the photographs below have spent the necessary time in quarantine; their blood is tested, they are vaccinated, castrated or sterilized and have (usually) had their teeth cleaned. They have the chip, their European passport and all necessary documents; as validated below and witnessed by a valid and licensed veterinarian. The dogs are, unless mentioned otherwise, kind, affectionate, gentle and calm animals that can (usually) live together in easy harmony with other dogs and pets. Children are no problem except that they may not scare these gentle and sometimes timid dogs. If the dog has a specific story then you will be told; most of them have been "dumped" or brought to us by the "galguero’s" and since have proved themselves at the shelter. Some are found left behind at vacant houses or are tied up with a metal bow around the leg; left behind to die. Many of them carry the physical spurs of their past, which translates to old scars, but except for that, the dogs are in good health. Others among them have been mutilated and are considered as "the extra disadvantaged", which you can find under a special item. When you wish more information you can always call to the responsible of your region or take up contact with Greyhounds in Nood Belgium. As of the 1st January 2023, the adoption fee is 350 € for members and adopters and 380 € for new adopters for whom the membership fee for the first year is included. The registration of your name in Belgium is included in the contribution. Thanks for your visit to our site; we appreciate your trust and support!

Mireille Broeders, president and founder of Greyhounds in Nood Belgium. The first organization on the European continent that took care of the Spanish greyhounds was Greyhounds in Nood Belgium and exists 27 years.